Over Crumbled

THIS is how the cookie crumbles.

Crumbled is a vegan bakeshop born from a great passion. From a young age, founder Cynthia has been spending her time in the kitchen creating the most amazing baked goods. Seeing people enjoy her food has always left her feeling all warm and fuzzy inside 😉

When she got diagnosed with cancer in 2016, her world got tilted upside down. She decided to start celebrating life and started doing only the things that she loves. She also thought about making the world a better place, and shifted towards a more plantbased lifestyle. And here ‘Crumbled’ was born.

Crumbled is about celebrating life, treating yourself without harming our planet. It’s about delicious vegan treats, including indulging ingredients such as butter, sugar and chocolate.

Curious about our behind the scenes, our baked goods or the face behind crumbled? Follow us on instagram @@crumbled.utrecht.